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Prayer for Help with the Weather

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Dear Father in Heaven,

 In this day and age when men purpose to do many things that are wondrous in their own eyes, we remain dependent upon you, Almighty God, for the weather that we are given.  Man has learned to foresee a little ahead as to what weather may come but cannot control its coming in any way.

 We have a severe drought in the Midwest.  We have severe flooding in Texas and various other situations with the weather have been distressful to human beings of late.  We ask you, Almighty God, ruler of all the heavens and the earth, to look to the well being of your children on earth.  Grant us weather that is not destructive, not too hot or too cold, not too wet or too dry and without winds of a destructive nature, so that all men may prosper.

 We ask this favor, Lord, in the name of thy son and our savior so that thy mighty hand and merciful nature may be known throughout the earth.


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