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Hey, Don’t be Rash!

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If you ask me, the main problem in this country today is that people are too rash. Nobody gives anything any deliberation; they just—as the saying goes—“go for it”.

How many errors that we make could be prevented if we all learned early in life to stop and think before acting? Cigarettes are harmful to health, but when young people take that first puff, they are going for immediacy, for looking cool and fitting in. Being over 40 and lugging around your oxygen tent is not in their realm of comprehension, but don’t we wish it was. It’s that first puff that gets you.

If a person who impulsively decides to commit a crime were to research the maximum possible cash he would be able to garner from the act and compare it with the sentence he is all too certain to receive when he’s caught, wouldn’t he think it was more prudent to go beg on a street corner before ever committing a crime?

How about buying things you can’t afford. I’ve spent my whole life buying things less expensive than my income indicated I could afford. I’m not kidding here, I’d truly rather have my small mortgage-free cottage than a big new house I owe money for. Ditto for cars. I like new ones. I always buy new ones but I have never bought a Lincoln or a Mercedes. My husband and I have one Kia purchased new a year ago and a Smart car in its fourth year. Believe me you can have more fun with less; you just have to give every proposed purchase a little honest deliberation. If you buy a car because you want it but you can’t afford it, you may repent when they haul it away.

And speaking of repenting—remember the old saying about marriage: Marry in haste repent at leisure. Yep, a life-changing situation like getting married definitely deserves plenty of thought and deliberation and you can’t do that in “haste”.

All I can say to those who “rush in where angels fear to tread” is, “People, stop and think! Many of you are ruining your lives one thoughtless action at a time.” I’ve heard of people saying, “Just do it.” To that I answer, “First, just think about it!”

B. Killebrew

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