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A Happier Life Beyond

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Grief and heartache, pain and sorrow,

That’s what’s in this life for me;

But when all of life is over

From this pain I’ll be set free.

If I walk the straight and narrow

And do the best that I can do

When I leave this life of sorrow

I’ll go home to be with you

In the paradise eternal

Where you have a place for me;

And I’ll know eternal gladness

As your reward to me;

So let me always keep my focus

On the world beyond this earth

Where in your eternal kingdom

I will have my sweet rebirth.


Lord, I am suffering, but in the midst of my heartache, I ask that you use the words of my sorrow to somehow assist other people who have their own pain and heartache.   AMEN

By:  A fellow traveler through a difficult life.

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Rating: +18 (from 18 votes)
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