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A Heap of Troubles

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My father was a school teacher.  Sometime in the early 1950s he received a small paperback booklet of poetry in a packet of advertising material from a book publishing company.

The little book was no more than three inches wide by about four inches tall.  My father gave it to me for a gift.  I can’t remember whether I enjoyed reading the booklet as a whole, but it was printed with pretty flowers and I loved owning it; and there was a t least one little poem that resonated with my small child heart. I memorized it then and still quote it to myself every once in a while.   I don’t know if this poem had a by line or not, but I trust that after all these years, even if I can’t attribute it to any particular author or publisher, whoever wrote it and whoever published it would not mind if I quote it now.

            I’ve got a heap of troubles

           And I’ve got to work them out

           But I look around and see

           There’s trouble all about;

           And when I see my troubles,

           I just look up and grin

           And count all the trouble

           That I’m not in.

                             ( Author Unknown)

Thank you to whomever it was who wrote this poem, simple enough for a young child to memorize and profound enough for an old woman to appreciate.  Over the many years since I first learned it, it has often been a blessing to me.

Whenever I find myself immersed in a “heap of troubles” it’s good to remember that when it comes to trouble, I’m not alone.  We all have hardship in this life. 

Betty Killebrew

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1 comment to A Heap of Troubles

  • Patrice

    Amen?! Amen!! We should count our blessings!! Things could always be worse and all go through “troubles” at times!

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