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Heartsick (A request for prayer)

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Happy is he who does not know

The depth of despair of one so low

That they truly understand what it means to be

Heartsick from all life’s misery.

 When the domineering hand of evil unfurls

And around those you love the most is curled

And you’re helpless and hopeless and know not what to do

The word “heartsick” will have meaning for you.

 I know there’s a cure for being sick at heart

And unceasing prayer will give me a start;

I must be patient while I’m prayerful and kind

And banish all vengeance that comes to mind

 Until peace shall come, so my heart will not die,

Of this painful distress and the wondering, “Why?”

But I need the help of others that care;

I need many others to join me in prayer.

 So please pray for me but don’t ask that I win

Ask only that God protect me from sin,

And pray that my trials will be solved in the way

That our Father in heaven is planning today.

 (Thank you to all who will pray for my distress.)


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Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
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