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In the Cloak of His Love

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Deep in the peace of my Lord Jesus Christ,

At rest from all pain and care;

Lost in a prayerful vacation

From sorrows I have to bear—

There I am rested and given

Restoration of mind and will,

Knowing that though I have problems

My dear Lord is with me still;

And when I arise from my knees I know

Though walking through evil’s cruel flame

My comfort will come in an instant

If only I call on His name;

And girded with His protection

And given his shield to bear

I can face whatever befalls me

In the cloak of His Love I now wear.

 Betty Killebrew

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Rating: +3 (from 5 votes)
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1 comment to In the Cloak of His Love

  • In the Cloak of His love, amen! I am really thankful personally to the love that God had given us. I feel so blessed that I know that He loves me even I am like this. I am lying on my bed earlier and I opened by Bible to Psalms. there I have been refreshed of the love of God. He is really great and worthy of all our respect and love. He is the Savior, He is the Son of God, our Protector and a Friend. In time of problems, I just think that God has a plan for it. There is a reason behind it that I will try to find out.

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