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The Presence and Eternal Love of our Savior

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Though our church is struggling
And our membership shrinks,
Our pews aren’t as empty
As some folks may think. 

Look at those spaces
With no one in view;
They are filled by the Spirit
Of He who loves you. 

The Holy Spirit is beside us
As He is in our hearts
With His peace and His love
That never departs, 

And I am convinced
If there is even one
Here in this building
That believes on God’s Son, 

Then He will be here
With His comfort and care
As that ONE humbly bows
And meets Him in prayer. 

The things of man vanish
Over time on this earth;
Churches and people
Know death, just as birth; 

But though our little church
Won’t forever endure,
The love of our Savior
Will ever be sure.

 Betty Killebrew

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