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After the Feelings

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A true story:

Several years ago a young woman I know was involved in a rocky marriage and sought solace in the arms of a man who offered her an even worse future. Her marriage eventually ended; and by the grace of God, she also came to her senses and dumped the man she was having an affair with. She now has a good life and I am proud of how far she has come in a few short years, but back when she was so “in love” with a so unsuitable companion, I wrote the following poem for her.

After the “Feelings….”

I know how you feel; I have felt that way too;
But I can promise, it’s a feeling you’ll rue.

Someday you will long to feel safe and secure
And think of these “feelings” as something to cure.

The seeds you are planting will grow to be weeds,
Blooming in the fertile soil of your needs.

Redemption will come, but you won’t be the same;
Years will be needed to restore your good name.

And you will in vain wish the moment away
When you let your feelings lead you astray.

It feels inexorable as “need” pushes you:
But a need is not comparable to love that is true.

It’s a hard thing to fight; I’ve been tempted too;
And believe me, I have sympathy for you;

So I offer you my prayers–you’ll need them I know–
That some day you’ll see that your lover must go.

And now that I think about it, I guess this is a story about an answered prayer.

B. Killebrew

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