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Does someone you know think in a different way?

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Some people have a harder path in life than others. Some are born with a mode of thinking that interferes with their ability to relate to others. We who have brains that work in a more conventional manner can say the fault is all their own; but we’re not—in the words of a psychologist I once met— “trying to dig a ditch with a teaspoon”. It can be done, but the effort is tremendous.

One person I know, when confronted with a problem, cannot relate the problem to past situations. He suffers from a certain way of thinking that makes it impossible for him to generalize or draw conclusions from assorted information. He faces every new problem in life with the same lack of preparation with which he faced the first. No matter how often you try to fill in the whole picture for him, all he sees is individual incidents, sequenced and seen with precision but never joined together as a whole.

What a burden he faces in this world where drawing conclusions is part of everyone else’s coping mechanism.

Maybe you know someone who “can’t get their act together” and you feel they deserve condemnation for making the same mistakes over and over. Why not try praying for them instead of condemning them. They may be trying as hard as they can, digging away with their teaspoon at hard situations they can’t really understand.


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