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9/11–A Defining Moment

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It was a defining moment in the history of man, witnessed by millions through video images as it happened or only moments afterward. It was a moment when so much human life was blasted so swiftly from the face of the earth that the air over all of New York City must have been filled with the essence of departing souls.

It was the moment patriotism was rediscovered. It was the moment the citizens of the United Stated turned our faces once more toward God and remembered that we are “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We watched as two magnificent examples of building technology were destroyed in a brief moment by the evil of men’s hearts. We watched as the Pentagon was attacked and we listened as brave men and women in an airplane flying over Pennsylvania lost their lives as they became the first Americans to strike back against terrorism.

At that desperate moment in history, our nation invoked God to aid us in our sorrow and in pursuing the cause of justice. In the aftermath of those events, Americans were called forth once more to pay the price for liberty and justice.

I pray we of the United States will never forget that moment and will always be resolved that the many brave men and women, both civilians and members of our armed forces, who in the ensuing years have lost their lives for the cause of liberty did not die in vain.

Betty Killebrew

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  • All American can never forget the 9/11 bombing. Many people die because of terrorism. American people were able to stand despite of what happened; maybe because God is in their hearts or because God knows their purpose on life.

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