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The End will come

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This morning a tree across the way
Had a few red leaves once more;
It’s an early harbinger of fall to come
As it has been in years before.

You can look at that tree and get a sense
Of how time keeps winging by;
One moment the leaves are green and lush—
The next they are brown and dry.

Just as our lives so quickly pass
From dawn into setting sun
And every living creature passes
When days on earth are done;

And just as the tree across the way
May lose leaves before others do,
I may leave this earth behind far sooner
Than stronger folks like you.

Yet I am sure that I will depart
Not one moment too soon or late,
For the moment God chooses for me to go
He will be there at the gate;

And though I’ll no more be of this earth,
My life will be complete
Stretching forth from my day of birth
‘Til I arrive at my Jesus’ feet;

And ever after, I’ll be at peace
Beside the everlasting Lord,
For such is the ever guiding light
That I am going toward.

Betty Killebrew

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