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In Need of Prayer

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The following was posted on September. 29, 2012.  On October 2 our prayers were partially answered.  The attorneys involved finally got together and arranged for this father to see his son for a few hours.  Thank you to all who prayed.  The Lord is indeed merciful and when prayers are joined together He is often willing to work miracles on our behalf. And of course, Dear Lord, we thank you for your grace and mercy.   AMEN


A member of my family is a father who is going through a divorce. His wife has de facto custody of their son because she left town and took the baby with her. The father has not seen or heard anything about his child for two months and is waiting for the court to rule on the custody issue. He recently posted this message on facebook. His words are almost poetic:
Today you are 10 months old. Walking, wobbling, stumbling, and falling. I am missing it, and I am missing you. This has taken far longer than I ever anticipated, and my hope is you will still remember me, when our time finally comes. I love you my son, and miss you more than mere words can express.
Please, all of you who are reading this, join me in prayer—not just for my family member but for the judge to have wisdom and for the decision to be the best possible for all concerned, especially for this innocent young child.
Thank you.
Name withheld with respect for the privacy of this situation.

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