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On Sharing Love and Custody

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There is a baby boy
You have swept away from home
Thinking you are good enough
To be all to him alone. 

I say, bring home the baby—
Let us hold him in our arms;
Let us give in to the luring
Of his crooked, grinning charms.

We miss this child so much
And we only wish him well;
We love him far more fully
Than anyone can tell;

So though you love him also
You must not be so vain
As to think he will not profit
From seeing us again. 

It is an awful vanity
For a parent to believe
They have all alone
All that a small child needs

A child needs love and nurturing
From his mother and his dad
And also family heritage
From the family they each have.

 If you persist in thinking
You’re the best all on your own,
You may sadly learn your error
When this precious child is grown.

 Name withheld.


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