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My Halloween Treat

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Little ghosts and goblins,
Movie stars and queens,
Princesses and ballerinas,
Not yet in their teens,

Knocking on our door
Holding out their buckets—
It’s the annual door to door,
“Give me candy” junket!

Now some folks think it’s frivolous;
ome don’t like to spend the cash;
Turning on the porch light
For them seems very rash.

As for me, I like the characters
Trooping to my door;
And every year I tell them
“Next year, come back once more.”

Those toddlers in tiaras
And pint-sized supermen
Always make me smile
And recall the day back when

A little child could trek around
And get candy by the sack
Just for knocking on a door
Then shyly hanging back.

In memory of that happiness
And well-remembered pleasure,
I try to give to “trick or treaters”
Memories they can treasure.

B. Killebrew

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