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Youth–Wasted on the Young!

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When I was young I heard folks say,
“Youth’s wasted on the young;”
Now I can fully understand
That age-old song they sung.

Life goes by so very fast
While we’re doing other things;
We often fail to notice
The changes that time brings.

Now here I stand with aches and pains,
A stranger in the mirror,
Wondering how time moved so fast
While I failed to hold it dear.

Young people, life’s a journey
With no destination but “the end.”
So please don’t take the fastest plane
Or rush to round the bend.

You’re on your way to nowhere–
Your whole life you’re passing through–
So make sure you’re at the window
With your eye upon the view.

Do not miss a moment
As you ride through time and life;
Do not waste a moment
On useless rush or strife.

Life is far shorter than it looks
When all of life’s ahead,
But when someday you have grown old
You’ll remember what I said.

And rue the day you turned away
From my wise words of truth
To waste the speeding middle years
That makes old folks out of youth.

Edwina William

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: +23 (from 29 votes)
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