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May God be with Newtown, Connecticut

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Some people are in a dither about the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar.  Many Christians also point to signs around the world that the prophecies of Revelation are coming true.  As for me, the end of the world does not frighten me because I realize that for each of us the “end of the world” is only a breath away.

For twenty little children in Connecticut the end of the world came unexpectedly yesterday, December 14, 2012.  Twenty little children with heads full of Santa Claus and wishes for the newest electronic gadgets to be delivered from his bottomless bag were deprived of their precious lives–all of their dreams and futures ended by one angry young man. 

I write this with tears in my eyes.  There are tears throughout the nation as our flags fly at half mast. Although compassion flows from every corner of the world toward those bereft parent of the Sandy Hook school shooting, there is still not enough compassion to assuage one tenth of the grief that dwells in the hearts of those parents.

On behalf of this web site, I would like to add my caring and compassion for those parents to the great pool of caring that is headed their way.  May God be with them.

Betty Killebrew

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  • Newton, Connecticut
    (a poem for my son)

    You cannot promise anyone anything.
    I promised my son just last night
    I would always be there forever
    to protect him,
    to keep him always safe,
    to make sure nothing bad
    would ever happen to him.
    I pulled his blankets up around him
    and told him what a good boy he was,
    and how much his daddy loved him.

    O God. You were such a perfect son.
    My anger thumps like a shaking fist.

    I want to hug you
    and fall into the grave with you.
    I want to hold you
    as you cry in my arms,
    as dirt falls on us.
    Do not be afraid.
    I will keep you safe.
    I am here to protect you and keep you safe.
    You are a good boy.
    Daddy loves you very, very much.
    Daddy keeps all his promises.

    I know you need to feel love.
    All I feel is anger
    You are my little warrior.
    You were so brave,
    in those minutes
    that passed
    while your friends were being shot,
    knowing your turn could be coming.
    The silence between the gunshots
    filled with the rage of angels.

    I am sorry I did not keep my promise.
    I am sure you were looking for me
    to come and save you from dying.
    I can picture your eyes.
    Those eyes that looked up at me
    the day you were born.

    I am standing in the backyard
    looking at your toys.
    All those thing I want to say to you.
    I just want us all, you and mom and me.
    Gathered around the table again for supper.
    I tell myself not to cry.

    Lift up your head daddy
    do not cry.
    Remember the way things were
    before I was broken.

    Someday I will build a monument to you
    So I never forget what blind hate stole from me.
    Someday I will come to you my good little boy.
    We are all but dust particles and water in sunlight.
    Nothing else lies between us now.
    Not time. Not space. Nothing, but the thinking.

    The soul of my soul is sorry.
    I am so sorry you and your classmates died.

    I keep writing these sentences wondering
    if the words are wilting,
    because there is nothing that can be said
    under the weight.
    I will sit here for a moment longer

    I had just come back from Christmas shopping,
    when I first heard the news.
    I felt guilty and folded in on myself
    as I began to understand what happened.
    It could have been my boy.
    He is such a good boy.
    His daddy loves him very, very much.

    by Rowen Starr,
    December 16, 2012

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