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Leviticus 7 vs.19-21

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Note: at the end of today’s Portion of Bible Text, you will find my thoughts on the verses. B.K.

19 And the flesh that toucheth any unclean thing shall not be eaten; it shall be burnt with fire: and as for the flesh, all that be clean shall eat thereof.

20 But the soul that eateth of the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, that pertain unto the Lord, having his uncleanness upon him, even that soul shall be cut off from his people.

21 Moreover the soul that shall touch any unclean thing, as the uncleanness of man, or any unclean beast, or any abominable unclean thing, and eat of the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, which pertain unto the Lord, even that soul shall be cut off from his people.
K.J.V. Bible Text

My Thoughts:

The few verses I read for today describe “uncleanness”. We learn that any of the flesh of the offerings that touches anything unclean cannot be eaten but must be burnt with fire. We also learn that anyone who has his own “uncleanness” upon him while eating the flesh of the sacrifice shall be cut off from his people.

This is again a reaffirmation of the way the rules devised by the Lord served as a protection for his people, both for the priests themselves and by example for others. Protection from the “uncleanness” of man while touching or consuming offerings was another way to assure that disease was not transmitted. Such strict adherence to laws regarding cleanliness also encouraged the priests and the other people as well to treat those sacrifices made before the Lord in a Holy way. The Lord having high standards would surely remind the people hold him in high regard

Betty Killebrew

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