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The Best Gift

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The Best Gift
By Laura Sherman

     Four men died at the same time and were sent to Heaven.  When they
reached the gates, St. Peter told them that he would take them to see God.  “Make
sure to bring an offering,” he added.
    Peter then led them to the throne of the Almighty, and one by one, the men laid
down their gifts at the feet of God.  “Lord,” said the first man.  “I offer You
pure, untainted gold.”  The Lord nodded with acknowledgement, but His
countenance did not change.  The man was somewhat disappointed with God’s lack
of reaction or gratitude, but he stepped aside and said nothing.
    The second man came forward.  “Lord,” he said, sure that his gift would please
God.  “I bring You frankincense from the east, a precious gift.”  Again, God
nodded, but His expression did not change.  This man was also disappointed, but
he didn’t say anything.
    The third man came forth.  “See, Lord,” he said.  “I have brought You myrrh.”
The Lord did the same thing as He had for the first two, and the man walked away
    Finally, the third man walked up cautiously.  “Lord,” he said in a voice that
was strong and clear despite his nervousness.  “I have not brought You fine
incense or gold.  I haven’t brought You the best that money can buy.  No,
instead, Lord, I give you my soul.”  The man held nothing back as he gave his
soul to God.
    When he looked up, he saw that God was smiling at him; a warm and loving smile.
“This,” the Lord said.  “is the best gift anyone ever could have given Me.”
    God doesn’t care about material items.  All He wants are our hearts, our souls.
When we surrender ourselves to God and His Word, we are giving Him the best

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