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At The Mall with Santa and God

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A man was at the mall doing some Christmas shopping when he noticed two lines. At the end of one line there was a sign marked “God”. At the end of the sign next to it was a signed marked “Santa Claus.” The chair at the end of the God line appeared to be empty. In the chair next to it sat a man in a red suit with white trim and a white beard.

Being a typical man and not being sure what he was going to buy, the man decided to stop for a while and watch the two lines of people. A woman approached the “God” chair, waited a moment, and then took a seat. She stayed for thirty seconds or so, and then went and stood in the back of the Santa Claus line. After she left, a man went up and sat in the “God” chair, and after thirty seconds or so, he, too, went to the back of the Santa Claus line.

The shopper decided to go closer to see if he could find out why people went from the “God” chair to the Santa Claus line.

A woman approached the “God” chair and the man heard a booming voice instruct her to take a seat on His lap. After the woman was seated, the booming voice asked her how He could help her.

The woman started talking so rapidly that she appeared to be reading her Christmas list to God. After thirty seconds or so of the woman telling God every-thing she wanted Him to do for her, God interrupted and told her that she was in the wrong line. She needed to go to the Santa Claus line.

The lady departed and her place was taken by another lady. After she took a seat, God asked her what He could do for her, and the lady began with her list, which also seemed to be rehearsed.

“I just came today to praise your Holy Name. I want to thank You for all that You have done for me over the years. You have blessed me with so much. I have so many friends and loved ones. I have a roof over my head and food on the table every day. You have given me much more than I deserve.”

After thirty seconds God interrupted the woman. “You came to see me last year,” God said.

“Yes,” the woman replied. “I came last year and asked You for wisdom.”

Steve Demaree

Submitted by Richard

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