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Beautiful Blessings

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Author Unknown

One day a very wealthy father took his son to a very humble farm home. The father wanted the son to see and appreciate everything they have. For the son was never near poverty. The father decided to spend one day and one night with his son at this very humble home. On the next day after spending the night and returning to their beautiful mansion. The father wanted to hear his son’s reaction towards the educating trip.

Father: So son what do you think about the trip. Did you see how poor people live?

Son: Yes father.

Father: What do you think? What have you learn from this trip?

Son: I have learn that they have four dogs and we only have one. I have learned that we have a small garden and they have an entire forest. I have learned that we have a small stream on our back yard and they have a full river that has no end. I have learned that our back yard goes to the end of our property and they have an entire horizon. I have learned that we have lamps on our back yard to keep us from the dark and they have the stars.

The son continues his reply and said: Thank you father for showing me how poor we really are. We sometimes don’t realize the blessings of our heavenly father. And that is why we need to be like kids in order to enter into heaven.(Luke 18:17) Lets not worry about what we have or what we need, have faith in God and he will provide.(Luke 12:22)

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Rating: +7 (from 11 votes)
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