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Time is a gift

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Time is a gift that is given to us,
and with it a chance to choose;
The right way to handle it,
and the proper way to use.

For some it is unwisely spent,
useless and carefree;
Just a passing moment,
that was never meant to be.

Others hold it dear to them,
and savor it each day,
For they have come to realize,
how quickly time can pass… away.

Now I once spoke to an elderly woman,
who made me aware of the cost;
She informed me if I didn’t use my time constructively,
I’d wake up to find it lost.

For time it is so precious,
what is spent becomes a memory in the end;
and what we’ve lost and what we’ve wasted,
becomes a question of “what might have been”?

written by Shirley Richardson Janisse

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Rating: +7 (from 9 votes)
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