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Real People

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What Does it Mean to be “Real” People?

It means a lot of things, and all of us can think of some of them.

Real people are people who are comfortable with their own truth. They love their own uniqueness. They do their own things, with no need to apologize for being what they are. Yet they are always becoming more than they are.

Real people stand just as tall as they ought to be, no more or no less, neither walking on tiptoe nor hanging their heads. They ask only to be taken for exactly what they are. Nor do they make other people feel that they are expected to be ten feet tall in a world where all are stunted by their own fears.

Real people have their daydreams, like all normal strivers. But they don’t wallow in them. They accept their limitations and are content with achievement goals. They pick their goals with some advertence to the talent at hand. Escapism is a moderate diversion in their way of life. Flight from effort or from involvement with others is not a routine survival tactic for real people.

Real people are hurtable. At least a little. They care enough for other people’s love to feel the hurt of being ignored, misunderstood or rejected. And their own experience of hurt makes them sensitive to other people’s pain.

Real people aren’t hard to talk to. They invite communicativeness because somehow or other, they make everybody feel their kinship with the human heart. Wherever you are, in loneliness, bitterness, shyness, or fright, they have a way of making you feel they have been there ahead of you. Consequently, they care.

Real people are like a pair of protective hands over the shoulders of a child. They are quick with laughter; they are not ashamed of tears; they are comfortable to be with because they let you know who they are.


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