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To my Husband’s Ex-Wife

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by Valerie Seaton (Used with Permission)

I wrote this poem for someone who has became a very, very dear friend to me. My husband’s ex-wife. We chose to forget the past and to give each other a fresh start, just as Jesus did for us.

For Teresa from Val

You cannot judge another when you look beyond what’s seen.
For out of hurt and anger, we do things that we don’t mean.

But in the eyes of forgiveness, there’s always a ray of light,
A chance to make things better, a chance to make things right.

For when you choose the path of love and refuse to act in hate,
You’ve started down the wonderful road that leads straight to Heaven’s gate.

From time to time as you travel that road, God gives you a special friend.
One who knows you in and out and stays through thick and thin.

I thank the Lord every single day for putting us on the same road.
You always lift my spirits and help to lighten my load.

It’s true they say our friendship’s rare, some even call it weird,
how the two of us have done this thing that others tend to fear.

We’ve looked beyond the picture painted by strokes of hurt and tears,
and chose to look toward the future, seeing many happy years.

There’s no need to question our friendship. I know why we’re so close.
Because when God gives a gift, it’s never the least. He always gives the most.

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4 comments to To my Husband’s Ex-Wife

  • Kerri

    What an absolute beautiful poem. I love it!

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  • weird

    i don’t like it…It sounds like making excuses after stealing another person’s husband…but that is just my opinion…

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  • Yes Wierd-Not of this world!!!

    One can make excuses for commiting actions out of anger.
    Forgiveness the opposite of an excuse, it is a realization of what
    one has done and truly being grieved. Excuses are created by
    humans to get out of trouble when forgiveness is of God where one
    still faces the trouble and able to move on.
    Love the Poem!

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  • Suzanne B

    Honestly this does not say that someone stole another persons man. I love this poem so much that I sent it to my husbands ex. She is my best friend in fact I look at her like a sister. If I am not with my husband I am with her. I did not steal my husband from this woman who is now my bff. In fact they were seperated for 3 years before I came into the picture. She was hurt once we got engaged as she tells me today she was so mean and ugly towards me because she was so hurt and she knew at that moment that she would never have the chance to make it work. He had moved on. She did a lot of hurtful things and I retaliated which was wrong. It took us some time but we got together with our kids and talked and since we have been honest with one another and we got everything out we have been great friends. Our kids do sports together and she comes to myhome every week. We speak daily lots of times. This is a relationship that a lot of people frown upon. My daughters father and stepmother tell her how wrong it is that her mother (me) and my husbands ex shouldn’t be friends that it is weird and not right. In reality it’s a beautiful thing. It’s amazing actually. I am having surgery next month and because my husband is working she is coming to take care of me while I am down. Not an excuse it is forgivness for how people act towards one another no matter what the situation is. I am not saying that this woman didn’t take someone elses man I am saying assuming that this was the case is wrong for me.

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