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Chris Cash Head ShotThe Inspirational Stories and Poems Archive was created back in 1997 out of my hobby of collecting inspirational stories and sharing them with friends.  At that time I had a huge list of friends that I would email my stories to, and I decided that a website would be a much better way to share my collection with the world.  Over the years, the collection continued to grow, but life got in the way of maintaining the collection.  In 2004, I just ran out of time to continue to add stories, so I let the archive go for a few years while I caught up.  However, I have returned with new determination that this archive is important and must be maintained and updated.  On that note, if there are others out there who wish to help in this endeavor, then let me know in the comments here, and we can talk about you becoming an editor/moderator for our site.

In Christ,


Other Writers

Betty Killbrew

My name is Betty Killebrew.

I’m a Christian, I’m Bob Killebrew’s wife and the mother of three grown sons.  I have some delightful grandchildren and I write.

For forty-five years I wanted to be a writer and my reward was a drawer full of rejection slips.  Meanwhile, I worked as a bookkeeper (I still do).  Then one day, I realized that knitters give away their knitting and artists give paintings to their friends; only writers believe their talent is useless if they don’t produce something that can be sold.  It was that day that I stopped wanting to be a writer and became one.

And I was shameless!  I sent my family and friends poems for every occasion of their lives.  With a little effort, I managed to sell a few poems as well.   Later I developed standard poems for various life events such as births, weddings and anniversaries. Mainly by word of mouth I sold a few framed copies of these “person to person.”

For twelve years I had my own quarterly mini-magazine—twelve years of losing money but getting lots of practical experience in editing and writing stories and articles.

    Over the years, I learned I don’t need inspiration to write.  All I need is opportunity—of any sort—and the will to dive in.  When I developed an association with an ambitious young friend, Indianapolis marketer Scott J. Manning, I began to write and edit for him and some of his clients.  As he grew in stature, so did my opportunities.

At this point, I no longer expect to be a great American novelist; but I look forward to the day someone points me out and says, “She’s a writer.”  Then I will be a success.

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