Hope is all…

How do I face another day Only to suffer another way, Perhaps to have things get even worse, Eerily resembling a vicious curse.

I cannot say how I endure Sorrowfully without a cure;

All I can say is, “God is with me, Lovingly guiding me through the dark sea.” Losing is common but hope

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Life, not fair

We teach children that what happens to them will not always be fair, but it takes a person as old as I am to realize that things are never fair, not does it “all come out in the wash,” which is another saying we use to indicate that when all is known things will

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A Heap of Troubles

My father was a school teacher.  Sometime in the early 1950s he received a small paperback booklet of poetry in a packet of advertising material from a book publishing company.

The little book was no more than three inches wide by about four inches tall.  My father gave it to me for a gift. 

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Overcoming Sadness

 They say that into every life

A little rain must fall,

And this is as immutable

As  Murphy’s awful law.

But when dark clouds of sadness

Become your cross to bear;

And you feel there is no happiness

Left for you anywhere,

That’s the time to turn to God

To  pray the pain away,

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Respect your Children


Each child deserves it

Surely children are people too.

People, even little people, should have their ideas and words evaluated before we condemn them.

Endless “putting down” makes it increasingly hard for children to “rise up”.

Children have feelings; their feelings are valid.

Today, start treating your children with the courtesy you would

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Why I am able to enjoy my life…

Are you happy in your life today?  I pray that you are.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that a man who loves his work never works a day in his life. I believe that’s partly true but I also believe almost every job has aspects to it that almost everyone would find

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Smile at me…

I’ve been immersed in gloom,

But I’ll be done with it real soon;

I am taking steps to cheer up–

I think that I can “gear up”,

To be a lot more cheerful

Instead of being drearful;

So please give me some aid

So my gloominess will fade—

Just smile when our paths cross

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Thoughts and Prayers for Someone with Problems

I thought of you today

And the hard time you’ve been through

And decided I should write

To say I care for you.

I’m saying prayers each day

That your life will be improved

And every single barrier

To health and happiness be removed.

I know you’ll see improvement

With all the prayers loved

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Broken Relationship Prayer

This is a prayer for someone you know that has suffered a break-up with their loved one.

I know your heart is broken

And you’re not sure what went wrong,

So I’m praying for you daily

That you will not suffer long.

There are things that you can change

And things that you cannot;

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Anonymous Flowers

Some flowers came for me today

With no name on the card;

I couldn’t think who they’d come from

Though I thought very hard.

It sure was nice of someone

To send a floral gift;

I don’t know who I ought to thank,

But they sure gave me a lift.

B. Killebrew