Does Fear Work?

Love and Fear. Oh, the power of FEAR! It controls our world. Or does it?? It TRIES to control our world. We use it all the time. But does it have the effect we want it to?

“You will go to jail if you steal that car.” That is a fear tactic. Does it

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Broken Dreams

As children bring their broken toys With tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to God Because He was my friend.

But then instead of leaving Him In peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help With ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back

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Your will

– Michelle Molina

God I come to you, Because I’m confused,

I hear people talk about being saved, I’m not sure I am, and that makes me blue,

The things I do during the day, I always do wrong, but I always pray,

I live my life and go on through the day, Not

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