Remembering 9/11

 Buildings rendered dust and tangled steel, Entombing the innocent lost Victims of the madness of terrorists Who cared not what the human cost.

Atop the rubble, our will was forged To conquer once more our earth And spread abroad the integrity Of the country of our birth.

First to avenge and protect our people

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9/11–A Defining Moment

It was a defining moment in the history of man, witnessed by millions through video images as it happened or only moments afterward. It was a moment when so much human life was blasted so swiftly from the face of the earth that the air over all of New York City must have

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Marine Sings Powerful Fourth Verse of The Star Spangled Banner

The Fourth verse of The Star Spangled Banner has almost been forgotten to history, but it is a very powerful finale to the song.  More importantly, it truly praises God for His role in keeping our nation together during the war of 1812.  Share this with your friends to remind them of what

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July 4, 2012

With so much of the country dry

And rain still out of sight,

Fireworks will not brighten

Many skies tonight.

It’s just a little sacrifice

Next to what may come;

Unless the rains begin to fall

The crops this year are done.

We all have seen old movies

About dust bowls and no work

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Flag Day

June 14 is flag day, will you hang up your flag?

Will it be in good repair or a red and white striped rag?

Please tell me you are ready with a flag pole in your yard,

So hanging up the flag will not be very hard.

Honoring our nation, that flourished under God

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I “Like” Religion

I heard today on the news that who or what you “Like” on Facebook is not privileged information.  If you “like” something, it can be used against you in life situations, including courts of law.

On the same newscast, I heard about a town where there has been an attempt made to remove a

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Our Great Country

In my lifetime the thinking of the average citizen of the United States has changed dramatically.  When I was a child, this was “the greatest nation on earth.”  Everyone was absolutely certain that the USA was the best.

Compared to other nations, we expected to have higher scores when children were tested, have larger

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The nation needs more fathers

Who fulfill the ancient role

That from Adam until recently

Was every father’s goal.

Dear God please make our families

Like those that we once had;

Let families stick together

And let each child know his dad.

The family is the only hope

For our nation to survive;


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Prayer for the United States


Don’t let the colors of our nation,

The red, the white and the blue,

Be allowed to fade and this nation

Fade away into history too.


There is always hope for a nation

That walks within the Lord,

And failure to walk with Him

We cannot now afford;


So pray for

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Tribute to the United States

(June 5, 1973) by Canadian radio commentator Gordon Sinclair

America: The Good Neighbor.

“This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth.

Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy were lifted out of the

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