The Christmas Puppy

 Many and many a year ago, In a city bleak and dark, A Christmas miracle began one night With a hungry puppy’s bark.

He was too careless to mind his mom; So one day in the chilly fall, The puppy wandered away from her And now had no home at all.

Alone he’d lived

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Prayer for Help with the Weather

Dear Father in Heaven,

 In this day and age when men purpose to do many things that are wondrous in their own eyes, we remain dependent upon you, Almighty God, for the weather that we are given.  Man has learned to foresee a little ahead as to what weather may come but cannot control

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The Boy in the Vestibule

An unhappy little boy was walking along a street when he heard a bell ringing and looked up to see many people walking up a wide sidewalk into a beautiful building. He was curious, so he stayed until the last of the people had entered and the door was shut. Then he walked to

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How Faithful is the Lord

How Faithful is the Lord

I don’t understand the Lord—

No person really can.

The nature of his being

Is beyond the scope of man.

He came from a void of nothing

To create all space and time;

He made the skies and heaven

And he made the sun to shine;.

And he made

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Marine Sings Powerful Fourth Verse of The Star Spangled Banner

The Fourth verse of The Star Spangled Banner has almost been forgotten to history, but it is a very powerful finale to the song.  More importantly, it truly praises God for His role in keeping our nation together during the war of 1812.  Share this with your friends to remind them of what

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Your Angel, Your Blessing

A thousand little angels

Dancing on a pin—

One slips away to your house;

Won’t you let him in?

He has a message for you;

He will ring it in your ear.

If you’re ready there’ll be blessings

For all that you hold dear.

If you don’t receive your angel,

He will go

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Belated Stork News

Each of us hears once or twice in our life Of a miracle that is wrought When a couple in their middle years Have a baby they’ve long sought.

A woman in her forties— Or growing very near— Learns she is expecting A longed-for child this year.

Everyone she knows is pleased, But none

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In Indiana

The trees in Indiana

Form bowers over our roads,

Shades of green in summer

And in autumn reds and golds.

There is nothing I like more

Than an Indiana drive

On roads that are so pleasant

I’m in no rush to arrive.

In the woods that crowd the roads

There are turkeys, squirrels and

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The Love of God

There is a fact of mankind

Having great effect on all;

Each person is included

Lowly men and men of awe.

Only those who know it well

Value it enough—

Everyone who ever fell

Out of harmony with men

Forgot about this simple fact

Going down the road to sin.

Oh Brother hear this

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A Sad Goodbye

Today you face a sad goodbye.

Though you are strong, still you will cry.

 Perhaps you’ll try to quench your tears

To stand up strong among your peers,

 But your weeping will rise from inside

Where all your grief and sadness lie;

 So please accept the urge to weep

For your dear one who

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