A Lesson on Forgiveness

My niece, Darcy, is an incredibly sweet child, always eager to please. She is three years old and she absolutely adores her slightly older cousin.

Recently the two were playing together and had gone into a bedroom together. Suddenly, Darcy came down the hall in a state of indignation, saying, “Jo-Jo slapped my face.”

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On Being Flexible

Trees wave in the breeze Like flexible people sway Along with the exigencies Of every single day.

A rigid tree will break and fall Upon the wind’s assault, But a supple tree will simply bend Instead of standing taut;

And If I bend and sway with life, I’ll manage come what may And live

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Are you chasing your tail?

I had a little puppy dog That loved to chase his tail. He was especially quick, And he chased it very well.

Although he never caught that tail He kept it on the run And got a lot of exercise From dawn ‘til setting sun.

But there was nothing he could chew on When

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Don’t Blame me!

 I have heard it said that no man is an island, but it seems to me that in reality each person is an island unto himself.  You may be empathetic about how people are feeling, but you can’t be empathetic enough to really understand the core being of anyone but yourself.

We’ve all said

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Hey, Don’t be Rash!

If you ask me, the main problem in this country today is that people are too rash. Nobody gives anything any deliberation; they just—as the saying goes—“go for it”.

How many errors that we make could be prevented if we all learned early in life to stop and think before acting? Cigarettes are harmful

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A moral foundation can be developed through literature…

You may not have thought about it but perhaps the most important of all reasons for reading a variety of literary works is that reading great literature and reading about great people in history exposes you to wisdom and ideals and to various ideas and philosophies.

As a child, some of my favorite books

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I was tempted but I’m not that foolish….

I wanted to buy something today—until I figured up the cost versus the benefit.  At that point I knew it was an utterly stupid idea.

  What I wanted to buy was an older car to have in addition to my four year old Smart Car that I absolutely adore.  So you wonder, if I

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Running for Excessercise

Please note:  If you enjoy running and feel invigorated by it, please don’t take offense at this little poem.  I know full well that exercise is good for people, but after seeing a couple of people that looked strained and miserable while running, I wrote this poem to poke a little fun at those

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Where’s a kid when you need one?

 The other day my grandson, 6 ½ months old stayed with me for a few hours. He spent most of the time playing on an old comfort on the floor and he put on quite a show.

He has learned to turn over so quickly it’s more like a flip than a roll, and

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Why Go To Church

A churchgoer wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to church every Sunday. I’ve gone for 30 years now,” he wrote, “and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 sermons. But for the life of me I can’t remember a single

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