About Marriage and Divorce

I often think it should be more difficult and expensive to marry and less complicated to get out of the relationship. It is my opinion that a divorce should be separated completely from questions of property and custody. Divorce itself should be simple—you want it, you’ve got it.

If you want to agree on

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After the Feelings

A true story:

Several years ago a young woman I know was involved in a rocky marriage and sought solace in the arms of a man who offered her an even worse future. Her marriage eventually ended; and by the grace of God, she also came to her senses and dumped the man she

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Commitment to Marriage

Back in the earlier years of our country, around the time of the civil war, I would imagine that marriages did not involve a whole lot of courtship.   There may have been some couples who knew each other from childhood and ended up together because they had always assumed that is what would happen. 

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An Artistic Couple

A young couple I know have convinced me that two artistic people should never marry.  In every couple there should be at least one of the two who is of a practical frame of mind and is willing to do little non-artistic things like dishes, laundry, sweeping—you know what I mean—all those little chores

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A Lifetime of Marriage

You’re “in love” with each other and you think that’s the key

For having a marriage that’s the way it should be.

Well, that’s just the start of a lifetime together—

You’ll need more than love to get through stormy weather.

You can’t build a house by tearing it down;

You can’t keep a

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My Husband’s Health Problem

My husband is having a diagnostic test tomorrow.   I’m an action-oriented person; and up until now I have dealt with his health problems in an action-oriented way.  Every problem has a solution, right?

I attacked his health issues the same way I attack everything I desire to have done.

Encouragement:  “Go to the doctor

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Top of the Line

Garfield (fake name) is nearly a decade younger than I. When he asked me out after I had known him a couple of months, I tried to turn him down, suggesting that he needed to date a younger woman; but my heart wasn’t really into my suggestion because, truth to tell, I was already

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An Honest Woman

Her “fall from grace” happened when she was a little over 25 and he was a bit older. She had been in love with him for several years but he was not of a mind to make a commitment just yet.  And then she became pregnant.  This situation, in those days, was unpardonable.  Of

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Lifetime Decision (A Love Poem)

Lifetime Decision

 It is my life decision

To always remain true;

It is not due to a wedding vow

That I keep faith with you.

The decision made with head and heart

Extends beyond legality;

It is of my own choosing

That I observe fidelity.

Do not fail to understand me

In a decision

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The Sun Shines on Us

My world is bright with sunshine

That shines on me and you;

Whenever we’re together

I know our love is true.

I may be gloomy sometimes;

Sometimes my skies may grey;

But there are never any storm clouds

Except when you’re away.

I love to spend time with you;

You make my days seem

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