Prayer for Widows and Widowers

Lord, I pray for the aged who are widowed

And are alone for the first time in years;

Please comfort them, be with them,

and dry their lonely tears.

Help them experience peace

In the days they have left to go;

Please Lord, don’t allow them to

Live their days in woe;

And for

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Money and Marriage

When most people think of the commitment of marriage, they usually think of the commitment of fidelity. This is of course really important in any marriage, but money problems loom larger in most households; and disagreements about money can lead to dissatisfaction, and in some cases even to infidelity because it is hard to

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Prayer for our Marriage

Dear Lord, we took some sacred vows   About our married life; Some were for a husband,   Others for a wife.   We promised we would always love   No matter what life brings, But now we often say harsh words   About such little things.   I know our marriage suffers  

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The Sleeping Bride

by Lisa Splendid Jacklich

WAKE UP BELOVED!! Your Groom is about to come for you!!

“Come Dear One… it’s time to get ready for the Wedding! Everyone is here and they can’t wait to see how beautiful you are! Especially my Father! I’ve been telling Him all about you for many years & though

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Adam Needs Eve

RABBI ALLEN S MALLER Used with Permission

Adam was all alone. He didn’t have parents and he didn’t have children. He did not even have a brother or a sister to talk to. Adam was all alone. He didn’t even have a friend to play games with. Adam was lonely, and he was unhappy.

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How To Help Women As They Grow Older

(Just for a good Laugh)

It is important for men to remember that as women grow older it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping they did when they were younger. When men notice this, they should try not to yell. Let me relate how I handled the situation.


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For Richer or Poorer

Retold by Rochelle M. Pennington

The wives who lived within the walls of the Weinsberg Castle in Germany were well aware of the riches it held: gold, sliver, jewels, and wealth beyond belief.

Then the day came in 1141 A. D. when all their treasure was threatened. And enemy army had surrounded the castle

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A Woman’s Place

There is a cute story told about the Governor of Texas, then Mark White.

Governor White and his wife were driving through the open Texas countryside one-day, out for a relaxing drive and talk

The couple happened to be around the area where Mrs. White grew up, and as they pulled into a gas

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50 Years of Learning

50 Years of Learning by Dorothy Casper  

It was delightful to watch as the friends and relatives gathered in the cultural hall of the church to congratulate and wish the couple well, whom were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The room was beautifully decorated with momentous scenes throughout their lives growing up and

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