On Being Flexible

Trees wave in the breeze Like flexible people sway Along with the exigencies Of every single day.

A rigid tree will break and fall Upon the wind’s assault, But a supple tree will simply bend Instead of standing taut;

And If I bend and sway with life, I’ll manage come what may And live

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Don’t Blame me!

 I have heard it said that no man is an island, but it seems to me that in reality each person is an island unto himself.  You may be empathetic about how people are feeling, but you can’t be empathetic enough to really understand the core being of anyone but yourself.

We’ve all said

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Population and Prayer

People, people everywhere—

How we grow and thrive—

Every year this poor old earth

Has more who must survive.

 Some of you may be concerned

To the point of consternation;

But perhaps in our ever-growing number,

There is cause for jubilation.

 Perhaps God knows  a need is coming

For a  mighty human horde


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In Indiana

The trees in Indiana

Form bowers over our roads,

Shades of green in summer

And in autumn reds and golds.

There is nothing I like more

Than an Indiana drive

On roads that are so pleasant

I’m in no rush to arrive.

In the woods that crowd the roads

There are turkeys, squirrels and

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How are you?

Nobody wants to hear you complain;

Nobody’s interested in your aches and pains;

But if you are willing to stand still and listen

With a look of dismay as a slight tear glistens,

You will hear all about how someone else feels,

About where they hurt and about all their ills;

And your attention

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Leaves on trees and in The Book,

Both are worth a second look.

Leaves that grow upon the trees,

Murmur softly in the breeze.

Listen closely, you will hear

Creation’s message in your ear.

If you decide to take a look

At the “leaves” of the Good Book,

You will read about the way

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A City Tree

It’s on an urban street,

And there’s no one alive to thank

For the unexpected pleasure

Standing by the First State Bank.

It’s a tree with ample bough

Spreading broad across the sky,

With splendid bright green leaves

That give pleasure to the eye.

Every spring it blooms with promise,

Every fall in glory

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Prayer for Tornado Victims

Lord the awesome power of natural forces which destroy our material possessions and take lives is frightening to men everywhere.

Recently, Lord, storms and tornados have destroyed many small towns and homes where good people lived and worked.

Lord be with those people as they grieve their losses and seek to rebuild their homes

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Gone Fishing

My Son’s voice was fading. Head leaning against the back of the opened fold-up chair, I faced the warmth of the morning sun. Legs stretched out, I propped my feet on top of the fence that kept small children and adults alike from dropping and flaying in the waters that surrounded the small metal

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Can’t you see ME?

Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

As I got up this morning I went about my morning routine. After finishing I made a cup of coffee and went into the office to post the stories for

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