The greatest joy comes from doing what’s right; That is the source of  the truest delight.

Every action has a ripple of others in kind As the fruits of our actions ripple through time.

A pebble of goodness does not spread dismay, But broadening goodness all through life’s way.

Elizabeth Ruth

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Layers for the Future

On a whole my life has been just fine, But life is not a blend; The good, the bad and in between Are layered end to end.

I cannot change a single whit Of one mistake I made; No matter how much good I do, The bad will never fade.

Errors are forever; Shame

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Reaping what you Sow; the Wages of Sin

My cousin is a lay preacher. Over the years, there has been one subject that he has preached upon more than any other: “You Reap what you Sow” Of course, he uses plants and vegetables as illustrations of how a person cannot sow, for instance, onions and expect to reap apples; but he is

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Hey, Don’t be Rash!

If you ask me, the main problem in this country today is that people are too rash. Nobody gives anything any deliberation; they just—as the saying goes—“go for it”.

How many errors that we make could be prevented if we all learned early in life to stop and think before acting? Cigarettes are harmful

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I was tempted but I’m not that foolish….

I wanted to buy something today—until I figured up the cost versus the benefit.  At that point I knew it was an utterly stupid idea.

  What I wanted to buy was an older car to have in addition to my four year old Smart Car that I absolutely adore.  So you wonder, if I

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The Enabler

When my parents were alive, they weren’t well off financially. Yet they helped their two older daughters time after time.  My sisters paid Mom and Dad back part of the time, but when Daddy passed away, his cash journal showed debts due from several of his children. I was not among them.  I seldom

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Angel on my Shoulder

There’s an angel on my shoulder

Who whispers warnings in my ear,

Reminding me of danger

To those that I hold dear.

Some people think I’m crazy

When I demand a cautious way;

But I’d rather be a “loony”

Than grief-stricken any day;

So I listen to that angel

To keep safe all those

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An Artistic Couple

A young couple I know have convinced me that two artistic people should never marry.  In every couple there should be at least one of the two who is of a practical frame of mind and is willing to do little non-artistic things like dishes, laundry, sweeping—you know what I mean—all those little chores

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Stick it out

 Sometimes the job you do truly seems inspired

You go far away and over what simply is required;

Other times you have to push just to get it done

And hate your work and wish to do something that’s more fun.

That’s when your truest character rises to the top like cream—

Will you

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I “Like” Religion

I heard today on the news that who or what you “Like” on Facebook is not privileged information.  If you “like” something, it can be used against you in life situations, including courts of law.

On the same newscast, I heard about a town where there has been an attempt made to remove a

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