Lost With God

My Lord, God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think that I am following your will does not mean that I am actually

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Can’t you see ME?

Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

As I got up this morning I went about my morning routine. After finishing I made a cup of coffee and went into the office to post the stories for

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A Buzzard, a Bat and a Bumblebee…

If you put a buzzard in a pen six or eight feet square and entirely open at the top, the bird, in spite of his ability to fly, will be an absolute prisoner. The reason is that a buzzard always begins a flight from the ground with a run of ten or twelve feet.

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Your will

– Michelle Molina

God I come to you, Because I’m confused,

I hear people talk about being saved, I’m not sure I am, and that makes me blue,

The things I do during the day, I always do wrong, but I always pray,

I live my life and go on through the day, Not

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Humorous and Meaningful Christmas Song from Tajci

You have to check out this Christmas song from European Pop Star Tajci. It makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. The lyrics convey a real sense of the craziness of our modern Christmas practices while trying to remember the real reason for the season.

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The Search

Where are you? The daily search of my life. The only one who I will give my heart to. The one I have been looking for, and always will, until that day comes. The day when I find you. You are… unexplainable, unpredictable, unimaginable. How I wait to know you. Know your name. Know

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