Three Kinds of Christians

Feeling a little desperate, I was wondering why God let me endure so much when this thought crossed my mind:  “Am I a fair weather Christian?”  If I’m a fair weather Christian, perhaps I seem to believe and even honestly think I believe when all is well and then blame God and turn against

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A Heap of Troubles

My father was a school teacher.  Sometime in the early 1950s he received a small paperback booklet of poetry in a packet of advertising material from a book publishing company.

The little book was no more than three inches wide by about four inches tall.  My father gave it to me for a gift. 

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The Gathering Place

“Hello, I’m pleased to see you, dear;

I’m so glad you managed to be here.

 “Did you come here all alone?

How are all your folks back home?

“Our aunt looks very nice, you see;

Her hair’s as pretty as can be.

“Well, lately I haven’t seen her much.

Somehow we got out of

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The Enabler

When my parents were alive, they weren’t well off financially. Yet they helped their two older daughters time after time.  My sisters paid Mom and Dad back part of the time, but when Daddy passed away, his cash journal showed debts due from several of his children. I was not among them.  I seldom

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Let’s change the way we do family reunions!

The other day my sisters mentioned that they would like to have a family reunion so we could all sit down together and share the stories we each remember about our childhood and also the stories from prior generations with which we were entertained by our elders when we were kids.  Their idea caused

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Budgeting tricks (tongue in cheek)

Are you feeling broke? This economy is tricky, so here are some tricks to help you save money.

 Artificial poverty is one way of keeping spending under control. This is accomplished by “hiding” money and pretending you don’t have it.  For expenses with fixed amounts like mortgages or car loans, just write the check

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My Rocking Horse

Once I had a rocking horse

I rode from here to there.

Its little red wood rockers

Helped it rock me everywhere.

I think I rode through Texas

And I’m sure I stopped to shoot

At least a dozen gunslingers

In spurs and cowboy boots.

I rode the varnish off the floor

And faster

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Dance of the Poet

Isn’t it fortuitous

that words can be melodious?

With lyrical ambition,

poets seek to have fruition

and make every single syllable

a true harmonic miracle;

but there is only a small chance

in our great poetic dance

that any poet living

can make language more forgiving.

It’s beyond the scope of most

to make

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Is it possible?

Is it possible in times of great stress for a telepathic message to pass between loved ones even though they are a great distance apart?  Can a person somehow let us know they have crossed over even though we are far from them when they die?  Is it possible for someone to foretell his

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Sharing Happiness

Happiness is bubbling forth—

How I wish I knew a way

To spread it everywhere I go

And in every word I say.

Alas, happiness is elusive

And may not often flow to you;

But right now, when I have plenty,

May I offer some to you?

Just line up at my fountain;


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