Facing Cancer with Courage

She has walked through fearful hallways

And crossed thresholds fraught with pain,

Yet arose each dawning morning

To take up her cross again.

Wearing courage like a mantel

To traverse every day

With spirit like a beacon,

Shining bright along the way.

She has set a fine example

To cancer victims everywhere—

Walk in

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Not fit for the job…

There is probably no job so difficult as caring for other people’s children.  I know it was the most difficult job I ever had and I wasn’t very good at it.  Actually, I wasn’t very good to other people’s children. I was good with my own, to the best of my memory, I just

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Please God, No Asthma for my Granddaughter!

I have a case of asthma

Which makes me gasp and wheeze;

I grow a little worse each day

From pollen in the breeze.

And so my granddaughter , three years old,

Is busy looking for

The cat she thinks I hid somewhere

Before she came in the door.

She thinks her grandma’s back

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Daddy’s Little Girl

There’s a picture on my wall—

The one I love the most of all.

In the photo she is grinning

With her little face so winning

That it always brings good cheer

Though it’s hung there many years.

She is beautiful in the photo, as she is today;

But she’s no longer like that

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Prepare your Child for New Situations.

There is something I learned from raising a “difficult” child that I now utilize with my grandchildren, both the exasperating ones and those with sweet temperaments.  I think it helps them cope with new situations.

Prepare your child for everything.  Don’t let him walk into a strange situation with no preparation. Tell him what

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How you can help allergy sufferers

Usually it’s worse in the fall; but sometimes it’s bad in the spring as well.  For those of us with allergies, the flowers that bloom and the pollen that swirls are like poison darts in the air that attack our nasal passages, bronchial tubes and lungs.

For me, as for most folks that suffer

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A City Tree

It’s on an urban street,

And there’s no one alive to thank

For the unexpected pleasure

Standing by the First State Bank.

It’s a tree with ample bough

Spreading broad across the sky,

With splendid bright green leaves

That give pleasure to the eye.

Every spring it blooms with promise,

Every fall in glory

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Top of the Line

Garfield (fake name) is nearly a decade younger than I. When he asked me out after I had known him a couple of months, I tried to turn him down, suggesting that he needed to date a younger woman; but my heart wasn’t really into my suggestion because, truth to tell, I was already

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Facebook Faux Pas

I don’t really understand Facebook. Sometimes I am told that someone has requested to be my friend, but more often I just seem to develop friends that I don’t recall ever approving. But “friendships” are nice, so I haven’t worried about that too much; and besides, I’m too busy to pay much attention to

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My grandmother, Laura Jane Payton, was born in 1868. Sadly, she died in 1910, at the age of forty-two.

She died giving birth to her twelfth child. Ten were still living when she died. My mother was only five when her mother died. The family survived the tragedy and the children went on to

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