May God be with Newtown, Connecticut

Some people are in a dither about the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar.  Many Christians also point to signs around the world that the prophecies of Revelation are coming true.  As for me, the end of the world does not frighten me because I realize that for each of us the “end of

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Let us Pray for Victims of Wildfire

Today I was listening to the news about the wildfire that is currently devastating a large area in Colorado.  My heart goes out to the people who have been displaced by fire.  Fortunately, considering the size of fire and the length of time it has continued to burn, few people have been killed; but

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When I depart…

When I leave behind worn out old bones

And go to my eternal home,

I’ll still remember those remaining here;

My children, grandchildren will still be dear.

Just as you’ll always love me in your hearts,

I’ll love and remember you though I depart.

Remember as I live a life that’s sublime,

I will

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A Sad Goodbye

Today you face a sad goodbye.

Though you are strong, still you will cry.

 Perhaps you’ll try to quench your tears

To stand up strong among your peers,

 But your weeping will rise from inside

Where all your grief and sadness lie;

 So please accept the urge to weep

For your dear one who

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Sympathy poem – Peaceful Death

He went to sleep on earth

And woke up in Heaven’s splendor;

What a precious gift God gave–

No fight, just sweet surrender.

                               B. Killebrew




When you can’t talk with your loved ones anymore…

Because we can’t visit anymore

With loved ones who go on before,

An empty place dwells in our hearts,

Never to be filled when they depart.

It  makes our sadness hard to bear

To know there are things we’ll no more share,

And to think of things we cannot say

To that dear one

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Gnarled Old Hands

His gnarled old hands are folded now,

Resting in his repose;

But those old hands worked very hard

In the dutiful life he chose.

 As we grew older, us together,

Side by side in growing peace,

Aches, and pains and worry

Never caused those hands to cease.

 Now they are still forever

And I’ll

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