The greatest joy comes from doing what’s right; That is the source of  the truest delight.

Every action has a ripple of others in kind As the fruits of our actions ripple through time.

A pebble of goodness does not spread dismay, But broadening goodness all through life’s way.

Elizabeth Ruth

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Are you chasing your tail?

I had a little puppy dog That loved to chase his tail. He was especially quick, And he chased it very well.

Although he never caught that tail He kept it on the run And got a lot of exercise From dawn ‘til setting sun.

But there was nothing he could chew on When

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Teach your Children about Easter

We must teach our children the meaning of Easter,

Of the day of triumph oe’r death,

The day that our Savior, three days passed away,

Arose and again drew breath.

The eggs and the chicks and the bunnies are fun,

And through them new life’s symbolized;

But it’s only by learning of Christ’s great

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I Don’t Believe A Word Of It

Howard Hendricks From As Iron Sharpens Iron

By the fifth grade, I was bearing all the fruit of a kid who feels insecure, unloved, and pretty angry at life. In other words, I was tearing the place apart. However, my teacher Miss Simon apparently thought that I was blind to this problem, because she

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There once was an old man from Esser Who’s knowledge grew lesser and lesser, It at last grew so small He knew nothing at all, And now he’s a college professor.

A Humble Gift for a Teacher

It is the last day of the school year and I stand empty-handed with no gift to give you.

It isn’t that I haven’t tried to think of something thoughtful and kind… quite to the contrary. For months, I have combed catalogs, browsed specialty shops and department stores, inquired of novelty shops, and even

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In your hour of grief…

In the deepest hour of grief,

There is just one relief;

It’s the love of our precious Lord.

He will not give you more

Than he gives the strength for,

For his love is boundless evermore.

Though the pain is so deep

And the road seems so steep,

He will lovingly show you the

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