A Quiet Confidence

I don’t pray as much as I should. (The Bible tells us to pray without cesasing.) When I do pray, it is often just a quick “thank you” to God for taking care of a small problem; but when problems get truly serious and I pray in earnest over an extended

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Three Kinds of Christians

Feeling a little desperate, I was wondering why God let me endure so much when this thought crossed my mind:  “Am I a fair weather Christian?”  If I’m a fair weather Christian, perhaps I seem to believe and even honestly think I believe when all is well and then blame God and turn against

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Resting my Cares in the Lord

Words of yearning, words of care

Flowing from my tongue in prayer,

Trying hard to set self free

Of everything burdensome to me.

Resting all in His good hands,

Because I know He understands.

Elizabeth Ruth

A Child of God

I am a child of God—

  Though I am wrinkled and steeped in age,

  Though I need bifocals to read a page,

I am a child of God.

What does God want for his own child?

  Does he want me to sigh and moan?

  Does he want me feeling blue

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Doing God’s Job

by Jewell Gentry Used with Permission

What’s this world coming to We hear somebody say Those words are getting famous We hear them everyday

But if you’ll just take a moment To look around, you’ll see It’s not the world that’s changing It’s folks like you and me

There’s people in the white house

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Have a Little Faith?

Back a few years ago we had three cars, a company car, my wife’s car and a truck. I had a job where the company gave me a car every three years, to use for work. I had purchased a truck for my own personal use. It came in handy because I used to

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Top 10 Predictions No Matter Who Wins the Election

1. The Bible will still have all the answers.

2. Prayer will still work.

3. The Holy Spirit will still move.

4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.

5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.

6. There will still be singing of praise to God.

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