Youth–Wasted on the Young!

When I was young I heard folks say, “Youth’s wasted on the young;” Now I can fully understand That age-old song they sung.

Life goes by so very fast While we’re doing other things; We often fail to notice The changes that time brings.

Now here I stand with aches and pains, A stranger

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After we turn twenty-nine, The years just fly away; Even though we try our best To hang on to each day.

 Thirty-five and forty come And go with lightning speed As time keeps up the steady march Which nothing can impede.

 We cannot stop at fifty, And fifty-five won’t stay; And even when we’re

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Commitment to Marriage

Back in the earlier years of our country, around the time of the civil war, I would imagine that marriages did not involve a whole lot of courtship.   There may have been some couples who knew each other from childhood and ended up together because they had always assumed that is what would happen. 

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A Shameful Rage

I have never understood what happened to me that fall day many, many years ago when I was an adolescent child.

Down the street there lived a girl of my same age.  I felt like I was superior to her because my parents were respectable and her parents did something unthinkable among my relatives;

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Simple rules for living

These are the ten things I think are the most important rules for living. Most of them are learned by children before they even go to school. If you follow them, you will be a good citizen.

Don’t lie. Don’t take things that don’t belong to you. Clean up your own messes. Don’t throw temper

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Our Great Country

In my lifetime the thinking of the average citizen of the United States has changed dramatically.  When I was a child, this was “the greatest nation on earth.”  Everyone was absolutely certain that the USA was the best.

Compared to other nations, we expected to have higher scores when children were tested, have larger

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Aged in Youth

Aged in Youth

As I get old, I’ll not regret the things that I have done, for beauty rests within the moon not only in the sun. Through youthful eyes so much to see, excitement lay ahead. Now with time a distant look bespectacled, more read.

Now I know what does

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