Dreaming of Heaven and There They Were

original poem by Brenda kay Winters

I dreamed I died one night. Could not even wake up in fright. Smelling sulfur and brimstone there. No one had clothes on, not even underwear. Went to heaven on a light beam. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Looking at faces in such

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Sacred Love

A love so sacred and divine. A love that I can now call mine. A love so beautiful, real and true. A love like you Lord, a love that is you. A love that nurtures, heals and cares. A love that speaks to me in tenderness and brings me to tears. A love that

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To my Husband’s Ex-Wife

by Valerie Seaton (Used with Permission)

I wrote this poem for someone who has became a very, very dear friend to me. My husband’s ex-wife. We chose to forget the past and to give each other a fresh start, just as Jesus did for us.

For Teresa from Val

You cannot judge

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I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I am so sorry for everything wrong I say. I know its a mistake after I do it. I never meant it to come out that way. Wait, this is something I must admit.

I said I was sorry but it wasn’t enough. I tried my best to explain. I said it

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The Old Frog

The Old Frog

Two small boys on opposite banks, starring at one another. If not for the pond between the two, they could be mistaken for brothers. Two little boys, with fresh young faces but old hatreds fill their eyes. Glaring across at one another, with anger and despise. “Why do you both feel

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Even If

Even If

Your heart is breaking Your mind is unclear Your tired and restless and full of fear Come to me- even if You say words you shouldn’t You don’t do things you should You doubt and try to change, but never think you could. Come to me- even if You thought an evil

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