Jesus Hugs

Have you ever had a “Jesus hug”, Do you know what one feels like? If you’ve never had a “Jesus hug”, I pray one day you might.

A “Jesus hug” is different, As far as hugging goes; It’s a little taste of Heaven, Here on earth below.

Only those who love the Lord, Can

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A Goodbye Kiss

The Board Meeting had come to an end. Bob started to stand up and jostled the table, spilling his coffee over his notes. “How embarrassing. I am getting so clumsy in my old age.”

Everyone had a good laugh, and soon we were all telling stories of our most embarrassing moments. It came around

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Wonder Hugs

It’s wond’rous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you’re blue. A hug can say, “I love you so” or, “Gee I hate to see you go”. A hug is, “Welcome back again!” and “Great to see you!” or “Where’ve you been?”A hug can soothe a small child’s pain and

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A Simple Hug

There’s something in a simple hug That always warms the heart; It welcomes us back home And makes it easier to part. A hug is a way to share the joy And sad times we go through, Or just a way for friends to say They like you ’cause you’re you. Hugs are meant

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Hugs – There Are Many Types

Happy hugs Powder hugs Big round squishy hugs Guy hugs Girl hugs Twitchy twitchy spastic hugs Flower hugs Scented hugs Tall skinny beanpole hugs Crunchy hugs Veggie hugs I’ll never let you go hugs Cow hugs Kitty hugs Falling in the snow hugs Hugs Hugs Happy Hugs I really really like Hugs


Hug O’War

I will not play at tug o’ war. I’d rather play at hug o’ war, Where everyone hugs Instead of tugs, Where everyone giggles And rolls on the rug, Where everyone kisses, And everyone grins, And everyone cuddles, And everyone wins.

By: Shel Silverstein