Is Your Jesus Worth Dying For? The Story Of Cassie Bernall

by Tiffany Fate Used with Permission

As Cassie entered the ninth grade, her mom Misty just “had that gut feeling that something was wrong. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I just knew something was wrong. I didn’t feel like either I nor my husband had any connection with her.”

Desperate for answers, Misty began

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Inspirational Quotes on Christian Living

 “When we forget ourselves, we usually do something that everyone else   remembers.” — Author Unknown

Inspirational Quotes on Christian Living

 “God nowhere tell us to give up things for the sake of giving them up.   He tells us to give them up for the sake of the only thing worth   having–life with Himself.” — Oswald Chambers

Inspirational Quotes on Christian Living

“The only ones amoung you who will be really happy are thost who will have sought and found how to serve.” — Albert Schweitzer

A Love Story

“A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. A faithful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth. A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy…” Sirach 6: 14-17


One day, I woke early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Ah the beauty

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Love From the Father

By Dae Il Kim

There once was an old man who lived in South Korea. After the war, times were hard and life for him wasn’t easy. His occupation was that of a metal collector which was considered the lowest job possible at the time). He would search garbage can after garbage can looking

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Could You?

by Rhonda Hamill, used with permission

Could you love someone with all of your heart?

Would you love them despite all of their flaws?

  Could you love that someone no matter what they did?

  To you?

  Or others?

Would you do everything you could to fix their problems and take away 

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Butterfly Attack

A True Story of Courage and Love by David L. Kuzminski Used with Permission

Walking down a path through some woods in Georgia , I saw a water puddle ahead on the path. I angled my direction to go around it on the part of the path that wasn’t covered by water and mud.

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The Bridge Keeper

There was once a bridge which spanned a large river. During most of the day the bridge sat with its length running up and down the river paralleled with the banks, allowing ships to pass thru freely on both sides of the bridge. But at certain times each day, a train would come along

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Where Flowers Grow

 A man journeyed to the mountain top in search of enlightenment.He left all his belongings and possessions behind, and went only by himself. At the mountain top, he breathed deep, looking around just in time to catch a most Beautiful Sunrise coming over the horizon. He thought, surely this is where I belong, and

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