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I Stand In Awe

Oh Lord, my heart overflows - with praises to You.
It’s just so awesome - the things that You do.
Nothing exists - without Your masterful design.
And all of Your plans - are perfect and fine.
You made everything - in this whole universe
You are most worthy - of my praise in this verse.
You made mankind - and placed us on earth
and you blessed each one of us - even before our birth.
You’ve counted the stars - and each grain of sand.
You hold the universe - in the palm of Your hand.
Oh, Lord I lift my voice - in poetic praise
and I’ll shout hosanna - for the rest of my days.
Lord, You made the green meadows - where animals graze.
And You made beautiful sunsets - on which to gaze.
You sprinkle pretty frost - on the meadow grass
it sparkles like diamonds - or expensive cut glass.
You can order the snowflakes - either day or night
to cover the hillsides - with a blanket of white.
You designed big rivers - to go rolling by
They flow continuously - but they never go dry.
I marvel at the sky - and Your clouds filled with rain
as I watch the rain drops - on my window pane.
Then when lightening flashes - putting darkness asunder
I praise Your Name - when I hear Your mighty thunder,
for the whole sky lights up - as though it were day
While I stand in awe - and in helpless dismay.
What a mighty God - what stupendous power
Lord, you’re in control - every moment, every hour.
You control the universe - with Your mighty hand
All the elements obey - Your every command.

Each time I’m in need - I call on Your Name
and You touch me in a way - that I’m never the same.
For You’ve provided comfort - when my heart was breaking:
You have plenty of assistance - that’s mine for my taking.
You always forgive me - when I humbly request:
Oh, I’m such weak sinner - I feel like a pest.
You love me so much more - than I can even comprehend
and You’re always with me - Oh, true and faithful Friend.
You’re worthy of my praise - from morning till night
and Your glorious face - shall never leave my sight.
For my heart is overflowing - with joy and thanksgiving
and I’ll praise You continually - as long as I’m living.

Mary Katherine Kohl
Used with Permission
Ps. 8:1 O Lord, my God, how majestic is Your name in all the earth. Your splendor is displayed throughout all the earth and in the heavens above.
Rev. 5:9 My Lord and my God, You are worthy to receive all glory, honor and praise.