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by Michael Guernsey, age 14
(Used with permission)

"From Heaven I came," the man proclaimed.
It must have seemed quite odd.
Twas strange to all who heard of it.
He was the son of God.

Born as a child, leaving his throne.
He came to seek and save,
The helpless hopeless and the lost.
To free all those enslaved.

He taught with many parables.
Which few could understand.
But he was followed everywhere.
A poor and needy band.

Of course he was afraid to die.
But he obeyed his Dad.
He talked with him all night and said,
"Not mine, but your will, Dad."

When Jesus fell upon the ground.
The devil cried, "Defeat."
And then the leaders made a cross,
And pierced his hands and feet.

A few days later, back he came.
Returning from the dead.
"I came so u don't have to die."
"Come live with me," he said.

I wait for the day I can see,
The glory of His throne.
The beauty of His precious home.
No greater sight I've known.

One day to come we'll see the end.
Of him who hates the Lord.
But those who gave their life to him,
Will receive their reward.