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Like the Morning Dew

Like the morning dew on grass
my gladness will quickly pass
If I do not turn to You

Thoughts of negativity will reign
and feelings of agonizing pain
If I look toward you, Satan
cannot hook my mind

You are the most lovely and kind.
Always waiting for me to intertwine
with your delicious spirit.
Praising Your name as I await your call
and knowing that You are the most Glorious of all.

For all the Kings horse's and men
could not mend me together again.
But with a twinkle of your majestic eye
You can send my pain into the sky.

You are my rock and my knight.
For with you I don't have to fight.
As you have the key to unlock the peace I need. 
Like a hollow reed I await Your filling. 
Once it occurs it is Oh So thrilling.

By: Angela Bridges Copyright Bridges Publication 1999
Used with Permission