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Imagine that there were no hunger
And everyone had something to eat
Imagine that there were no prejudice,
And everyone was treated sweet
Imagine that all the children
had a place to play,
Imagine all of their problems
just faded away,
Imagine that there were no diseases,
And everyone lived to grow old.
Imagine that there were no poor people.
And all the streets were paved with gold
Imagine that there were no drugs.
And all the needles disappeared.
Imagine in their places flowers bloomed,
And all the birds reappeared.
Imagine that there were no pollution,
And we could all just heal the world
Imagine that there were no sexist people.
That discriminated boy & girl
This is not a figment of my imagination,
I'm just speaking for my generation
I wish there was something I could do
Just to make my dream come true

I thought I'd write this poem down
to tell you how I feel

Eric McCorkle