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A Child and Tears

A child is created inside,
a mother's womb by our Lord above,
between a man and a woman at each other's side
from each other's care and tender love.

A child is brought into this world suddenly,
held for the first time in his father's arms.
The smile from ear to ear comes from me,
protecting this child from all worldly harms.

A child coos and breathes quietly,
when sleeping upon my chest.
As I rub this child's forehead tenderly,
as he is in so much peace and rest.

A child begins to grow very quickly,
and learns he has a very loud cry.
And, begins to take his first steps awkwardly,
with every fall, comes another careful step.

A child begins to learn to run,
his laughter heard throughtout the house,
after the child has tons of fun,
he falls asleep on the floor, quiet as a mouse

A child goes to school one day,
with tears in his eyes from fear.
Then comes home with a laughter all the way,
realizing school is filled with cheer.

A child grows up and is almost a man,
he is with his friends out on a date.
A child is unaware that suddenly, he can,
be taken away by tragedy, and unprepared fate.

A child was born,
a child has died,
many hearts are suddenly torn,
then many tears, from eyes that cried.

A child is no longer held here,
but in my heart, that feels so empty and alone
A child, I can't wipe away the tear,
the child is my very own.

A child is carried to the heavens above,
held by the Father and His Son,
filling his young life with so much love,
and I know he has not been the only one.

A child has received his reward,
and is no longer in suffering or pain,
and someday I know I will be with the Lord,
and see my child, once again.

by Rick Pruneda,

Used by Permission