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Dear Mary

If you were here beside me - I’d give you hugs and a kiss,
But since you’re with Jesus - I’ll tenderly “Reminisce”
Some folks may need to write - others need a final “good by”
Many spend a long time grieving - and can’t do much but cry.
But you’ve made the grade, sweetie - I’ll not think, “Poor me”
For death is the beginning of Life - as God meant it to be.

I prefer to spend my time - counting blessings galore;
I’ve gotten more than my share - and a whole lot more!
I’m so grateful you were sent - from the Great Master above.
My heart is all “aglow” - with an eternal LOVE.

Human nature could cause me - to grieve away “hours”
I could run to the cemetery - with oodles of flowers.
But your earthly life is over - “I” must go on.
Though your body is buried - your “love” isn’t gone.
Yes, I feel your presence - in a spiritual way;
So, you’ll always be with me - forever and a day.

Yes, my little darling - you’ve passed the final quest:
I’m happy you’re with JESUS - you, NOW have the “Best”
So how could I grieve - though you’re no longer near;
Yes, there’s an emptiness - but my heart swells with a cheer!

Sure I’m experiencing - oh, such “sweet” SORROW,
But someday I’ll be with you - in that Eternal Tomorrow.
Till then - I’ll not be seeing your sweet face,
But I’ll carry on - abiding, in GOD’S sufficient GRACE!

Love You Always!


Mary Katherine Kohl
(2-19-1996) ©

Luke 23:43 And Jesus said, “Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in Paradise.”

Used by Permission