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My Greatest Friend

by Bobbie Ball
Used with Permission

It used to amaze me what people really think about you,
With all the time invested in them and other things you do.
The listening, the caring, the encouragement you give them everyday;
Those things are not always appreciated in any kind of way.
The overtures of friendship offered, the ear you give to their woes;
They still can turn out to be your most awful foes.
Instead of returning your non judgemental stance,
You discover that they have been judging you unfairly quite by chance.
You discover there has been murmuring about some mistake they think you have made;
When all through out their life history, their mistakes do not fade.
Yet you fail to stoop to their level because you know it is not right,
It is still hard to accept that ones you thought were your friends were only ships passing you by night.
So through my experience, I've learned to take heed,
That the greatest friend I have is Jesus, indeed.